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UltraEasy 3ACG




Value added through non-invasive biosignals

With our medical product UltraEasy3ACG you can record brain pulse curves non-invasively, quickly and easily. We focus on the following research areas:

Brain Pulse Curve

Together with our partners, we research the different features of the brain pulse curve according to specific characteristics. The starting point are the characteristics with which normal and reduced intracranial compliance can be distinguished. The research field includes healthy people as well as people with acute or neurodegenerative brain changes.


Multimodal evaluations

Because our biosignals can be recorded non-invasively, there are many areas of research with healthy people that would be impossible to work on with invasive probes. The same applies to acute and neurodegenerative brain changes. Dependencies on blood pressure or even ventilation mode can be researched. In neurodegenerative diseases, there is the possibility of long-term studies.

We are currently looking for cooperation partners in the research fields of intracranial pressure, intracranial compliance and stroke. We also support you with your research questions in the neurodegenerative field.


Measurement procedure

We record the brain pulse curve, our biosignal, with transmissive ultrasound. Different characteristics or biomarkers are defined. The applied frequency ranges, measurement durations and interval lengths are validated for everyday clinical use.

For the research area, frequency ranges and measurement durations or interval lengths can be configured according to your requirements, and measurements on the phantom or in a water bath are possible.



For everyday clinical use, we can connect our solution to common monitoring systems and thus integrate it into the clinical infrastructure, either for display or as a basis for multimodal evaluations.
In the research area, we install interoperable solutions with you so that you can examine different biosignals and parameters such as blood pressure, ECG or ventilation modes in different multimodal setups synchronously in time.



Basic equipment

The UltraEasy 3ACG is a CE-certified medical device, light, handy and robust. The measurement procedure and operation are reliable and intuitive. Our complete solution includes 2 ultrasound probes and reusable headsets of various sizes for their fixation.

Communication interfaces for data export to patient monitors such as the Philips IntelliVue are operated, others will follow.


Services in the field of research

Both the processing of the raw data and the synchronisation with other biosignals can be taken over by us as a service. If you have any questions or problems, we will respond to your individual needs and our support will assist you on site at short notice. You focus on the research, we take care of the details.

  • Data preparation and cleaning
  • Data analysis/cranial pulse analysis
  • Biosignal synchronisation
  • Linking with our network partners and specialists
  • On-site and remote support


Our partners

Already today, the UltraEasy 3ACG is used in various neuroscientific fields of application, especially in multimodal biosignal analysis, as well as in clinical research for non-invasive measurement and classification of intracranial compliance and brain pressures in traumatic brain injury.


For cooperation possibilities and detailed presentation of our technology, please contact us.

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