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Transforming brain monitoring by non-invasive technologies




The brain pulse curve in combination with clinical parameters forms the basis for a groundbreaking approach to brain diagnostics. Utilizing transcranial ultrasound, our technology offers rapid and non-invasive measurements.

Decision support

Artificial intelligence methods enable us to develop classifiers to aid in acute diagnostics and patient monitoring, empowering clinicians with actionable insights. The first classifier developed allows a clear assessment of intracranial pressure (ICP) in severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Our products

Our non-invasive Technology


“The non-invasive technology of Sonovum offers completely new opportunities to better detect, monitor and thus better treat a broad spectrum of neurological acute diseases in the future.”

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hetzel, medical director, neurology, Schwarzwaldkliniken Bad Krozingen

Multimodal diagnostics

By integrating classifiers based on our brain pulse curve with a spectrum of clinical parameters, we achieve comprehensive multimodal diagnostics and monitoring. To this end, we are currently conducting studies to collect clinical data. This opens up completely new perspectives for patient monitoring.


Therapy Recommendations

Our vision extends beyond diagnostics to personalized therapy recommendations accessible anytime, anywhere. Leveraging AI-driven cohort analyses, we aim to deliver tailored therapy adjustments for enhanced clinical outcomes.