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Sonovum Brain - Archive

Every month we present a particularly innovative or solution-oriented product in the field of neurology, the science and teaching of the human nervous system, its diseases and their medical treatment. Here you will find all previous products of the month.

recoveriX - neurotechnological stroke therapy

Recoverix is a product of the Austrian company g.tec that has revolutionised the therapy of impairments caused by neurological deficits. The procedure can be applied to patients after strokes or craniocerebral trauma and helps to regain functions in upper and lower extremities. The procedure is based on an innovative form of therapy, the combination of EEG and brain-computer interface (BCI), working with motor imagery, virtual reality and electrical stimulation. A study conducted with recoverix showed that BCI therapy helped most patients to regain movement or reduce spasticity, even several years after the stroke. In addition, pain and tremors can be reduced and motor movements improved, resulting in a significant increase in quality of life for the patients.

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7Mind - Meditation and mindfulness can finally be integrated into everyday life

The user can choose from almost 900 meditations that take an average of 7-10 minutes, complete a knowledge course or listen to a sleep story, which ultimately contribute to improved sleep quality. The underlying science is fascinating: in the brain, mindfulness training can increase the regional density of grey matter, making it easier to direct attention and train control over thoughts and feelings. The health benefits range from stress reduction and a greater sense of happiness to a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. Since 7Mind cooperates with some health insurance companies, some of the courses or subscriptions can be reimbursed.

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NeuroNation - the platform for memory training and brain jogging

According to studies, training can strengthen memory and concentration and increase the speed of thinking. The Berlin-based company has taken this up and launched a platform that offers playful memory training with more than 32 exercises and over 300 levels. Through regular training, logical thinking can be exercised, memory improved and attention strengthened. And even better: NeuroNation is already being used successfully in the context of dementia prevention as well as stress and burnout prevention in operational health management.

In addition, the brain training is now even being used for patients with cognitive disorders after a COVID infection.

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LingoTalk - the Berlin app for language training in aphasia

If a brain injury or stroke leads to disorders in oral word production, LingoTalk can be used to train speaking independently at home and thus increase the individual therapy frequency. Automatic speech recognition provides immediate feedback during learning.

Therapists can compile linguistically high-quality, individual exercises with a phonetic, phonological, morphological or semantic focus for their patients. Aids can be specifically assigned or reduced. The course of therapy can be viewed at any time using clear graphics.

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