Team Hardware

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Eugenia Bosler, Raiko Klemp, Felix Gräßer, Enrico Li, Hannes Emmrich and Julia Kötz (f. l. t. r.) ensure that the ACG devices do what they are supposed to do; for example, meet the system requirements of the software, or fit properly on the patient’s head. In addition, they develop and improve components and create a functional and attractive appearance.

Team Management & Support

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Rafael Salzberger, Sandra Wittstock, Miroslaw Wrobel, Stefanie Adametz and Konrad Sell (f. l. t. r.) ensure that the company itself has everything it needs: people and everything they need to feel good; basics for the investment of financial and intellectual capital; as well as publicity and looking after all the stakeholders.

Team Mathematics & Statistics

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Venkatramani Rajgopal, Markus Schumacher, Paul Schmude, Dr. Andrzej Dabrowski and Dr. Adam Kolany (f. l. t. r.) address the mathematical challenges; for example, they deal with the question of how sonic waves behave in the head and how accumulated data can best be analyzed.

Team Software

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Michał Molawka, Ronny Kubik and Nico Korn (f. l. t. r.) provide the algorithms of "hearing": programming the software, the soul of the acustograph. In close cooperation with Team Hardware, they make sure that their data interacts well with the inner workings of the device and that the numbers can be converted into images and data into charts. In addition, they are responsible for the visual interface with the (mobile) display media.

Team Marketing/PR & Sales

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Michael Sacilowski, Nora Marie Giering and Konrad Sell (f. l. t. r.) manage communication and representation needs for Sonovum. They analyze markets, come up with design ideas and functionality issues of our ACG devices, transfer medical data into usable products and manage communications with customers, authoritites and other stakeholders. 


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Miroslaw Wrobel
Co-Founder, CTO & CEO
Miroslaw Wrobel is CEO of Sonovum which he has co-founded in 2011. Since July 2012, he is also the CTO and responsible for the IPR management of the company. A major part of the development know how for the CAMUD technology is based on his previous works, publications and patents, starting with his activities at the University of Würzburg (DE), BRAIN² GbR (DE), SonEM GmbH (DE), DRDC DND Canada, CANAMET Inc. (CA), NIMTech Inc. (CA) and Wittenstein AG (DE). For over 20 years, he has done extensive research in the field of Acousto-Opto-Electronics. He specialises in ultrasonics technology and is a graduate physicist of the Technical University Gliwice, Poland.
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Rafael Salzberger
Head of Administration & Finance
As Head of Administration and Finance, Rafael Salzberger is responsible for the departments Finance, HR as well as Corporate and Business Development. Due to his previous occupations, business management, distribution of technical installations and exploitation of new markets belong to his key qualifications. Beside his activities in Germany, he also excelled at the foundation and management of a subsidiary in the UK in 2004. Mr. Salzberger has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe.
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Konrad Sell, MBA
As Chief Marketing Officer, Konrad Sell is responsible for Corporate Communications and setting up the Marketing and Sales structures for the Sonovum ACG devices. He has over fifteen years of professional experience as a Communications and Sales Trainer. He brings business knowledge from such diverse areas like Renewable Energies, Urban Farming, Software Development, Cultural and Education. He is an MBA Graduate of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management with a focus on Marketing and Business Ethics.

About Sonovum

We are specialists in Brain Monitoring. Currently, we are the only company worldwide to be able to non-invasively monitor minuscule changes in the cellular and molecular structure of brain tissue. With our newly developed technology, Acoustocerebrography (ACG), we can monitor these changes in acute settings as well as Permanent Monitoring settings.

We are thus able to detect events previously undetected by traditional methods. Furthermore, ACG allows for a detection of these events while they occur, as it monitors brain tissue continuously. This enables us to determine indicators for pathologic conditions that so far even specialists have been unable to discover.

Clinical trials with our Acoustocerebrographs have shown, for example, that ACG is able to identify and classify strokes as well as pre-qualify White Matter Lesions (WML).

What is more, they support the conclusion that other pathologic changes will also be visible; such as Septicemia, Dementia or Intracranial Pressure (ICP). Further hypotheses are being researched in cooperation with selected University Medical Centers.

Our founders are able to build on 20 years of research and application experience in Molecular Acoustics. We are headquartered at BIOCUBE center of competence, Old Trade Fair, Leipzig.

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Do you have questions or want to send us your résumé? Then just contact us.

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Sonomed Ltd.

This medical technology company was founded in 1989 by the Polish Academy of Sciences and a group of researchers from the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research. Sonomed researches, develops and constructs highly specialized accessories for medical ultrasound equipment. Sonovum benefits from the technological know-how of Sonomed through intensive cooperation.

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exceet electronics

exceet Electronics is a full-service provider for the development and production of complex electronic components, modules and systems in the industrial and medical fields. The company is part of the Swiss technology group, exceet Group. Specialists from exceet supported Sonovum AG in the development of their electronics and in the mass production of ACG machines for mobile stroke diagnosis.

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E3 Technology Sp. z o.o.

E3 Technology offers research and development services for analogue and digital technologies. The focus of the company, which has its headquarters in Warsaw, is on tailor-made technological solutions for military, marine and industrial applications, in particular in the fields of power electronics and high-precision measurement and control technology. E3 Technology supports the entire product development process - from consulting and design to implementation of systems. In the field of measurement technology, the company offers system solutions for controlling medical and industrial processes.

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Concept Design Pilz

Concept Design Pilz is involved with the industrial design of products, mainly in the fields of medicine and energy technology, as well as consumer goods. The company, based in Stuttgart, offers unparalleled services in product design - from concept, all the way through the development of prototypes to production-ready devices. For Sonovum AG’s ACG devices, the Swabian company has developed a design concept for the output medium that displays the data measured.

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The Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology (IZI)

The Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology (IZI) investigates and develops solutions to specific problems at the interfaces between medicine, life sciences and engineering. Within this framework, the institute contracts to do research for biotechnological, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, clinics, diagnostics laboratories and research institutions. Within the business fields of cell therapy, diagnostics and biobanks, the Institute develops, optimizes and validates processes, materials and products. From the very beginning, Sonovum AG has synergised competencies with the Fraunhofer IZI for basic research and development work and therefore has ideal research conditions for further development of its technology.

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biosaxony e.V.

The Saxon Biotechnology / Life Sciences cluster is led by biosaxony eV. There are  currently 111 biosaxony members, made up of companies, research institutes, academic institutions, individuals and stakeholders in the sector. The cluster’s objectives include initiating projects between companies and scientists, the provision and procurement of consulting and other services, the representation, bundling and strengthening of existing know-how and regional expertise in Saxony, the exploitation of synergies for the further development of key technology and cross-industry biotechnology and links to neighboring areas such as health, food, energy and engineering and materials science. The network provides Sonovum AG with valuable contact to industry members and research and development institutions.

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BIO CITY in Leipzig is an incubator for modern technology and business in the field of biotechnology and biomedicine. Start-ups and young companies in particular can find individual laboratory and office space here. Since it opened in the spring of 2003, many companies have been sharing, researching and working together with six biotechnology-related professorships and non-university institutions, in a space of approximately 20,000 square meters.Sonovum AG has found the ideal business location in Bio City, as it offers the best conditions for successful research and development work.

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Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfallhilfe

The German Stroke Foundation, headquartered in Gütersloh, is working with numerous partners on the development and implementation of comprehensive health care concepts for stroke patients, along the entire health care chain - from prevention and health promotion, through emergency management and acute care to rehabilitation and aftercare. Their objectives are, first and foremost, education and improvement of diagnostic and therapeutic options. The Foundation sees itself as an extensive base of information about strokes and as the driving force in education and prevention.

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Forum MedTech Pharma e.V.

Forum MedTech Pharma is the largest Health Network of its kind in Germany and Europe. It fosters cooperation, enhances networking and helps distributing information about the newest trends and innovations. The forum offers its knowledge in numerous conventions, workshops, congresses and seminars. Being one of its 600 members from Science, Industry and Health, Sonovum benefits greatly from this know how transfer between Medicine, MedTech, Pharma and associated areas.

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Bundesverband Medizintechnologie e.V.

As a trade association, BVMed promotes and represents the combined interests of the medical technology industry and trade companies. The association offers its members a platform for a constructive dialog and exchange of views in various working groups. Through public relations work and by participation in the development of laws, guidelines and standards, BVMed represents the concerns of its member companies to policy makers and the public in general. 

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Health Tech Cluster Switzerland

Health Tech Cluster Switzerland is a pan-European business network open for companies and organisations within the Life Sciences sector. Contrary to most other networks, HTC prides itself with supporting a broad and somewhat diverse members' structure; companies can synergize as well as compete on each other's know-how, products and services, fostering knowledge transfer on an international level. HTC's management has been around Life Sciences for a substantial number of years and provides its members with studies and reports on industry's latest.

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At the Innovation Forum "Quantitative Ultrasound in Medicine" (QSonoMed), the first informal network was initiated in 2015. This network includes companies, research institutes and medical users involved in the field of non-ultrasound imaging methods. These methods allow diagnostically relevant physical parameters of biological tissues and fluids to be non-invasively determined.
The ultimate goal of all the involved network partners has always been to drive the development of medical technology in this field and thus to encourage regional and national growth impetus.  What began as a conference has developed into a professional operating network. The ultrasound research centre, as an initiator of the Innovation Forum, is committed to taking that step. Here, Sonovum AG finds like-minded people from this specific field of medical technology to exchange ideas and engage in cooperative projects.

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RehaReform aims to jointly develop applications and devices that are both inexpensive and need-based for use in rehabilitation and orthopedics. In order to achieve this goal, close cooperation with hospitals, health insurance providers and rehab as well as care services is key. For exchange, ist 12 member companies and 3 research institutions locally meet on a regular basis.

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